Bro Gilbert


Bro Gilbert is a writer, speaker, trainer and magician who has worked behind the scenes as a creative consultant for many of television’s most popular magicians including Criss Angel (A&E Network) and Keith Barry (Discovery Channel). He also co-runs and operates one of the magic world’s most famous brands, Paul Harris Presents, a unique company that creates and develops magic tricks and instructional products for magicians around the world.

He is the founder and creator of the Astonishment Academy, a popular online monthly speciality training series for business professionals and individuals wishing to enhance their ”Memorability Factor” by learning  how to think like a magician as well as learning the secrets behind some of the most astonishing magicians in the world. These skills can also be applied to their everyday interactions.

Bro was a featured speaker at the 2013 TedX Stanley Park event in Vancouver and is always in demand as a corporate speaker/trainer and magician. His modern, thought-provoking, astonishing performances and workshops have made him a popular choice for companies looking for something unique, uplifting, educational and last but not least…entertaining!