Live – Close-Up



“Bro Gilbert is my go-to guy, an entertainer who has consistently and thoroughly mystified our group year after year, absolutely one of Canada’s finest talents and truly a one-of-a-kind magician you have to see to believe. Amazing!”

-Sanjay Goel / President—Cruise Connections Canada


What makes a corporate event successful?

Yes, the catering and décor are important—but the key factor to a successful event is making sure everyone is having a wonderful time! People need to start having fun as soon as they arrive.

Picture this: It’s the cocktail hour. People are standing around having a drink, trying to make small talk and be interesting, which can sometimes be an awkward situation. Suddenly, laughter and applause are heard from across the room. “What’s that?” they wonder.

They stroll over to see what’s happening. Of course it’s the fabulous Mystery Entertainer you’ve hired working through the crowd, going from group to group, table to table, bringing laughter and amazement with mini demonstrations of the kind of incredible mind reading feats that up until this point your guests have only ever seen on television. Minds are read, keys are bent, thoughts vanish and appear and your audiences actions and seemingly random decisions are predicted in advance !

Within minutes this unique magic experience has already accomplished two very impressive things:

  1. It has broken the ice, amazed and created laughter. Your guests are now relaxed and in the right mindset to continue their evening having fun and interacting with the other attendees.
  2. This unforgettable experience becomes hardwired into their memories. That means when they recall your unique event you will get the credit for organizing something extremely special!

To see firsthand some of the reactions your guests will experience click on the video link below!