Corporate Workshops



 “Bro Gilbert was instrumental in developing a forward-thinking workshop. Incorporating our topic, he creatively engaged and wowed attendees. Our staff and clients walked away with a rejuvenated curiosity and enthusiasm thanks to Bro’s passion and delivery.”

- Liddie Sorensen-Lawrence / Senior Vice President—NRG Research Group


Do you need to get your fabulous team working and communicating well together? Do you need to reward them with a hilarious afternoon of fun or teach them new astonishing magic ninja-like skills they can use inside and outside of work? Do you want to empower your team to solve problems by themselves?

Then a workshop with Bro Gilbert is the solution !

Who these workshops are for:

  •  Anyone wanting to make more of their own abilities
  •  Anyone wanting to develop a culture of Creative Innovation in their organization.
  •  Any team or department that needs to improve its interactions
  •  Managers—Training, HR, Projects, IT, Sales, Customer Service
  •  Franchise Owners / Managers
  •  Associations, NGOs
  •  Professional Development days

These workshop sessions are incredibly flexible and they can be customized to meet your exact needs. All workshops can fit into any timetable and any venue you may be working with. Kick off or close your conference in a powerful manner, ensuring your own message is remembered and acted upon. Create a huge amount of astonishing, interactive FUN with some powerful “take home” value.


This workshop is for speakers, teachers, trainers and professionals who are looking to communicate more effectively with humor, astonishment and an overall higher level of engagement. Creative learning activities will help capture, focus and maintain your audience’s attention, and each magical effect, interactive game activity and astonishment can be used as a framework into which a specific company message can be inserted. Every practical astonishment and activity is quick to learn, execute and apply. Activities all take less than 15 minutes to teach and implement. All the simple materials will be provided for your group.


  •  Astonishment—Adding incredible magic with a message
  •  Human Body Tricks and Mind Tricks—Creating physical puzzles and challenges
  •  Interactive Gaming Activities to get the group moving and interacting
  •  Weird Science Connecting science and tech to learning
  •  Object Lessons—Creating metaphors for many everyday objects
  •  Humour and Good Times—Bringing enjoyment and presence to communication and learning


  •  The element of surprise is a most wonderful thing
  •  Humour is integral to most presentations
  •  Audience input and interaction is crucial
  •  Debriefing is as important as the activity itself



In this workshop your group will break off into small teams, learn an amazing magic trick together and then Bro Gilbert will act as the host and MC of your company’s very own  Magic/Mind Reading Show starring  “Tony from accounting!!” and “Janine from HR” etc. Your company’s participants become the stars of the show.

Magic and mind reading is an interactive, non-threatening and non-physically challenging medium. The ninja-like skills necessary to effectively perform a magic trick very closely resembles those required to successfully perform in the modern business world.

Your group experiences the direct link between perspective, working as a team and achieving results.

Participants work together to:

  • Quickly process new information
  • Execute unfamiliar tasks with precision and humor
  • Delegate, collaborate and then perform in front of an audience of peers with tight timelines
  • Celebrate and achieve a predetermined and measurable outcome in the final magic performance


Participants will be left with:

  •  An amazingly fun and stimulating afternoon that will be talked about for many moons
  •  Group flow (Fostered respect for individuals within the  group)
  •  Personal accountability (understanding and owning personal strengths and areas to improve on)
  •  Collaborative state of mind (positive attitude and enthusiasm, humor, sarcasm and good times)

Aside from contributing their own unique talents, participants are encouraged to exercise the following skills:

  •  Communication
  •  Creative Thinking
  •  Problem Solving
  •  Time Management
  •  Presentation
  •  Negotiation
  •  Approaching stressful situations with humour and presence.

The Fun Factor.  This an exciting and engaging program with an effective balance of fun, laughter and learning.

A 120-minute presentation or half-day workshop.

We supply all necessary magic props and learning materials.

These workshops / training sessions are incredibly flexible and their design and can be customized to meet your exact needs after a quick phone meeting. All workshops can fit into any timetable and any venue you may be working with.